Nagpur is Growing

– Invest & Grow with Nagpur

Brimming with infrastructural development; MIHAN getting smaller for companies setting up units in Nagpur, flourishing IT Pak and more, Nagpur is emerging as a Growth Corridor of Central India. It was long overdue.

Nagpur is shaping up to become mini metro and also happens to be a part of Smart City Project. It is on the verge of economic, industrial, employment boom. In a few years, this impact will be visible in the radius of 250 to 300 kilometers around Nagpur. Our brethren in rural areas won’t have to relocate to a far off metro in search of work. We’ll generate enough employment of our own; as the local economy will strengthen. Metro Rail will make it easier to shuffle long distances within shorter period.

These are the times when land is in high demand by residents as well as commerce and we at AAaditya Infrastructures work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are offered relevant options and choices to be able to buy what fits their exact requirements, in the location and dimension they desire. We help to source land of all sizes depending on its purpose. Our list of satisfied clients comprises individuals, professionals, families, farmers, investors, land developers, institution from and outside India.